Recent Projects


The Gaiety School of Acting

Redevelopment of the Gaiety School of Acting website. We undertook a complete redesign of the GSA website.

In order to increase sales we concentrated on improving the user experience so that the customer journey was dramatically improved. We developed a number of custome features to enhance filtering, navigation, and content.

Strategy | Design | Wordpress | eCommerce | UX | Custom Developed Features | Javascript

Green Acres

O'C&K / Green Acres

As part O'C&K's on going marketing strategy for Green Acres, we helped them with the Green Acres website. The website had recently been developed but while some features were fine we established that some features were not working as expected. We enhanced some features such as the homepage layout, menu system, and shopping cart layouts.

We also did an optimization exercise, improving the site load speed from 7 seconds to 1 seconds.

Wordpress | eCommerce | UX | Custom Features

Debra Ireland

Debra Ireland

Debra Ireland is a long time client of Karma Interactive. Our approach to development of the website is more inline with the Agile framework. Simply put we add a feature, see how well it works, change it if needs be, move on if it's working. Over the past few years using this format we changed the site. Starting with the menu structure one month, the footer another month, an entire self contained event section the next, the home page slider, the homepage sections. Over the past 3 years we have completely redesigned and built the website.

Strategy | Wordpress | Responsive | Custom post types | UX | Custom Developed Features

A variety of projects that we can't even talk about

Top Secret

Ocassionally we partner with other agencies on their projects. Respecting non-disclosure agreements, here are summaries of projects we worked on but without reference to our clients or theirs.

Interactive ad campaign for a major car brand

Car Key

A user visits the RTE website, they are presented with an advertisment for a car, at the end of the ad, they're given the chance to win prizes by entering their phone number.

Once entered the user gets a text message on their phone. Its a link to a webpage. the webapge is a graphic of a car key fob. They are told to point the phone at the advert on their desktop computer and click the button.

Automatically the online ad informs the user if they have one a prize. They cant try again until the next day.

Design | Google Adwords | Double Click | Flash | HTML 5 | Javascript | CSS | MySQL | Third party Integration - PUCA mobile | REST API

Interactive Game, featured at the superbowl


As part of a larger installation, we developed an interactive game feaured on location at at a american football stadium. It was featured across multiple large touch screens. The game was a time sensitive game testing fans on their knowledge of the club, it featured an animated graphic representation of a match and including leaderboard.

Javascript | NodeJS | HTML | Image Manipulation

eCommerce shop with multiple retailers


Generally with eCommerce websites it's a one-to-one relationship with a payment gateway. Usually there is one shop, linked through one or more payment gateways to one bank account. And generally fulfilment would be organised by the one business..

This website was created to link a group of distibuted shops throughout ireland, under the umbrella of one website. Before checking out the user would select their preferred shop and payments and fullfillement would be handled by that account.

This project required integrating with stripe and and the development of a custom gateway switcher.

Interpretation of Design | Interactive Interface | Wordpress | Javascript | HTML | Third party Integration | REST API | Stripe

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